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PR and communications officers need article analytics, often in real time, to quantify the reputational impact of media relations, coverage and commentary.

We help them measure the impact of their campaigns on their customers' reputation by interpreting text with cutting-edge sentiment analysis software.


Companies need to measure online sentiment not just about their brands, but about their rivals, suppliers and geographies they're exposed to. We give them easy-to-understand metrics. One topic, one number.


Brands need to know how their customer base feels and thinks in order to survive. We help them more deeply understand clients and target markets by measuring the emotions those markets attach to companies, products, industries and rivals.


Every writer wants something. Some want to be read, some want to be published, some want to be painstakingly clear. We analyze writing against a vast corpus of published and unpublished material to tell you how it measures up, and what you can do to improve it.